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Pony Party in our Paddock
You can hold your party in our paddock! There is a safe, designated party area where parents and family are welcome.

At the paddock there are other animals on site for viewing, and there is sufficient space for you to have your own picnic or other activities.

If you wish to hire the paddock for your own celebrations after the conclusion of the pony party then please discuss with us (prior to booking) which activities and how long you would like to hire the paddock for.  All activities must be agreed before the event and the hire of the paddock is set at £20 hour for any time after the conclusion of the pony party.

Please be aware there are NO toilet facilities on site. There is a local pub and cafe within walking distance, and a service station and MacDonald’s nearby.  If you wish to hire a portable toilet facility this can be arranged, but will be added to the cost of the party.

Pony Party at Your House (or Other Venue)
We will attend your home/chosen venue provided there is sufficient and safe access for both our horsebox and the ponies.  Travel to locations within a 10 mile radius of Stanwick (as determined by AutoRoute) is included in the party price, but otherwise there will be an additional charge of £1 per mile that the lorry has to travel (including the return journey). Toll, emissions and congestion charges (etc.) will also be added to the cost of the party.

The Actual Party
The birthday girl/boy will be given a decorated, genuine party pony horseshoe.  Additional shoes can be purchased for £10 each. These are normally sold at £13 each, but offered at a discount when booking a party.  Please confirm the number of horseshoes you will require at the time of booking.

4 party bags will be included in the price of the package for each pony used, so you will receive 4 bags if one pony is hired, 8 if two are hired, etc.  Additional party bags can be provided at a cost of £1.50 each

Each party bag includes five items.  The exact items are subject to stock availability but will typically include:

We can also add miniature equestrian Rosettes to the bags for £1.50 each.

The party pony experience allows the ponies to be brushed,  groomed and decorated with bobbles, hair clips, hair extensions, glitter, face paints and all manner of flowers, beads and hats.

All persons present will be given a health and safety briefing prior to the start of the party.

The Party Costs
One pony for one hour costs £90.  After the first hour the party will be charged at £45 per hour.

Two ponies for one hour costs £150. After the first hour the party will be charged at £75 per hour.

Pony Days
Our pony days are a hands-on horsey experience without the bling and are held at our venue in Stanwick. This package allows you learn how to handle the ponies and gain a greater knowledge of the fun and responsibilities of owning a horse… including all the messy jobs like mucking out!

This experience lasts four hours, and is for a maximum of four children at a time.  Please bring a pack lunch or supplies and we ask that at least one adult remains with the children.  The pony days are priced at £250 for two children or £350 for a maximum of 4 children.

Corporate/Event Hire
You can hire the ponies to spend all day at your event!  They will be provided with regular breaks but in the main the ponies will be available for members of the public/delegation to pamper them in true party pony fashion.  We recommend allowing three minutes per person for decorating the pony to ensure that everyone gets a turn.  The ponies really do draw in the crowds at these events and the price for day hire will be subject to requirements/location of your event but is usually between £150-£500.

If hired for the day, you can opt to request that customers make a donation towards your charity, for example £1 per customer.

To confirm your booking 50% of the total cost of the party will be required via bank transfer /cheque (if given sufficient time to clear ) with the remainder due on or before the day of the event, but must be paid in full prior to the event starting.

Throughout any of our packages or parties please be reminded that our ponies’ welfare is paramount.  The handler reserves the right to stop the party at any time if any action/conduct is deemed inappropriate or is to the detriment of the ponies’ well-being.

No abuse or cruelty towards the ponies or the handlers will be tolerated.