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We begin with a plain piece of metal…

So… what can be personalised?

Choose a type of shoe:

The shoes that we supply are new and unused.   If we do use yours, then please note that the price will be higher and depend on the condition and quality of the shoe.  It can take a long time to turn a rusty old shoe into a beautifully decorated item!

Choose a colour:
We can paint the shoe to be any colour you wish, or even just leave it untreated.  Our hammered-effect silver and gold shoes are particularly popular, but we have a wide range of colours to choose from.

Would you like it wrapped?
After your shoe has been painted, why not have it wrapped?  Our wrapping materials include:

Let’s decorate!
After painting (and wrapping, if requested) we can add a variety of decorative touches such as:

Please contact Ella for more information or to place an order.

Please look through our Showcase and Facebook pages for inspiration, but do remember that we are very happy to talk through your own ideas about decorating your shoe.  We really want to do our best for you and make you something truly special!